I have recently uploaded some 3D Java games for Nokia N95 and N73. A few people asked me about Sony Ericsson games too. So for those who asked me, here are some Java games for Sony Ericsson although the list is not as big as Nokia. But I'll try to gather more and will upload more. So come and check again. They should be compatible with K790I, K800I, W900I and more. Have fun!!!

2005 TigerWoodsGolf
3D Bomberman
3D Dungeon Warrior
3D Pool
3D Santa Quest
Aero Mission 3D
Alpha Wing 2
Beach Minigolf 3D
Bertie Duck
Cloud Commander
CopMan 3D
Cupid 3D
Dragon And Dracula 3D (Rus)
Ducati 3D Extreme
Extreme Air Snowboarding 3D
Free Flight
Galaxy On Fire
Geopod DC
Jet Set Racing
Mini Golf Castles 3D
Moto Unleashed
Power Inline X
Racing Fever GT
Rainbow Six 3
Rally Pro Contest
Red Out Racer 3D
Ridge Racer
River Riders 3D
Robot Alliance
Rubik Cube
Scratch City Pool
Senor Frosti Winter Games
Siberian Strike
Speed Spirit
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
Street Soccer 2
Super 3D Golf
The Last Age
Totally Spies
Tower Bloxx
Treasure Towers
V-Rally 3D
Xmas Gifts 3D
Download Link

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Cadillac CTS

This year's Australian International Motor Show is bringing plenty of interesting cars in for car-lovers. It will be held from 9th Oct - 19th Oct. There will be six categories of shows.
  • Supercar Central
  • Family Day
  • Concept cars
  • Classic Car Promenade
  • Waeco 4WD Action Track
  • Centre for Road Safety (featuring the NSW SpeedBlitz Blues cricket team)

Bolwell Nagari

Supercar Central brings together some of the best low-volume, hand-crafted exotics the automotive world has to offer, including the $2.1 million Koenigsegg CCX supercar from Sweden, the $1.5 million Pagani Zonda Roadster from Italy and the spectacular Bolwell Nagari sports car from Australia.

Koenigsegg CCX

Mazda Taiki

This year there are two Family Days, on Saturday 10 and Saturday 18 (October), which will be great fun for the kids. The Wiggles' Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends will visit Volkswagen Pavilion, and Roary the Racing Car's Activity Zone will keep the kids entertained with colouring competitions and games. Fifi from Fifi and the Flowertots and Bob the Builder will appear on both Family Days to add to the excitement.


Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
Darling Drive, Darling Harbour
Ph: (02) 9282 5000
Fax:(02) 9282 5041

Date & Time

Thursday, October 9 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Other weekdays 10:00am – 10:00pm
Saturdays 9:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday, October 12 9:00am – 9:00pm
Sunday, October 19 9:00am – 7:00pm

For more information, please visit Cars Guide.

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Nokia N95

For those of you who enjoyed N95 Games Part 1 and Part 2, here are some more java games to give you more fun. Most of them were not included before. So I should probably call it Part 3 then.

Download Link

Ludimate Sensible Sudoku
The Fast and The Furious: Fugitive (J2ME) LINK
GL Asphalt Urban GT 2 3D
Rise of Lost Empires S60V3
Fishlabs Deep Submarine Odyssey v1.0.1 S60v3
Celeris Virtual Pool Mobile v1.79 S60v3
Midnight Pool 3D N95
Herocraft: Arcade Park 2
RealDice Multiplayer Championship Chess v1.46.S60v 3
Global Race Nokia_ 2.1M
Bolshoe Priklyuchenie 3D
Artificial Life Let Go Of My Banana v1.0.3 S60v3
Digital Chocolate Pyramid Bloxx v1.0.40
TrantorGames Inca Story s60v3
Gameloft Crazy Campus
Herocraft Governator-2 s60v3
Tower Defense
TOPGAM Toki v1.1.2 S60v3
Digital Chocolate Parco Giochi v1.0.48 S60v3
Glu Mobile Monopoly Here And Now
Mr.Goodliving 7 Wonders
Asphalt Urban GT 2 3D enchaned
Leisure Suit Larry - Love for Sail multi
Micazook i-Citizen
Space Guerillas by:Handy-Games Rus
Rockpool Games Mike Tyson Boxing
GluMobile Poker Pop multilanguage retail
Gameloft: Special Crime Unit Retail
Gameloft Kevin Pietersen Pro Cricket 2007
Lang Software Chess Genius v3.00 S60v3
Sketcher S60v3 (J2ME)
Covert Ops 3D (J2ME) LINK
S-Tris 2 v1.30 S60 9.x 3rd
Fillpix - Ninjack
EA Mobile NBA LIVE 07 v4.2.23 S60v3
Namco Galaga 3 v1.0.2 S60v3.
Gameloft Platinum Solitaire, QVGA version
In Fusio Penguin Fever v1.2.95 S60v3
THQ Wireless Worms 2007 v0.7.9 Retail
Gameloft Live Free Or Die Hard EN
Wusong chi
Starship Troopers Roughnecks 1.0.04 S60v3
Pigalle Video Poker Katy S60v3
My Model Train
Karma Fighter
Disney Mobile Spectrobes v1.1.0 S60v3
THQ Wireless Worms 2007 v0.7.4 S60v3
Namco Skill Ball Bingo v0.5.4 S60v3
Rollercoaster Rush
CAPCOM Warriors Of Fate v1.0.2 S60v3
ESPN X-games inline Skater
Tetraedge Return to Mysterious Island v1.10.S60v3.
Push Up Sexy puzzle Game
EA Mobile Need For Speed Carbon 3D v1.2.4 S60v3.
Bandai Tamagotchi Angel s60v3 [multilanguage]
Gameloft Midnight Hold Em Poker 3D , v1.5.8 S60v3
Gameloft DogZ 3D
Mr.Goodliving The Apperentice S60v3

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Ferrari Enzo has always been one of my dream sport cars. Only 400 were manufactured.

The Enzo can accelerate to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.14 seconds and can reach 100 mph (160 km/h) in 6.6 seconds. The ¼ mile (~400 m) time is from 10.8 to 11.2 sec at well over 130 mph (210 km/h) and the top speed is estimated at 354 kilometers per hour (230.95 mph). It is rated at 12 mpg–U.S. (19.6 L/100 km / 14.4 mpg–imp) in the city and 18 mpg–U.S. (13.07 L/100 km / 21.6 mpg–imp) on the highway.

Here are some facts about Enzo.

Manufacturer Ferrari
Parent company Fiat Group
Production 2003–2004 (400 produced)
Predecessor Ferrari F50
Body style(s) Berlinetta
Layout Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine(s) 6.0 L V12
Transmission(s) 6 speed semi-automatic
Wheelbase 2650 mm (104.3 in)
Length 4702 mm (185.1 in)
Width 2035 mm (80.1 in)
Height 1147 mm (45.2 in)
Curb weight 1365 kg (3009 lb)
Related Maserati MC12, Ferrari FXX

Here is a youtube video of FERRARI ENZO Vs. CAMARO MUSTANG. Nice

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Would-be-first-home-buyers across Australia will be able to take advantage of the Federal Government's first home saver accounts from today.

The accounts will be offered by major financial institutions across the country, including ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, AMP, Members Equity and several credit unions.

Here are some key facts

Key facts

  • No minimum deposit required to open account
  • Limit of $75,000 on overall account balance
  • Flat Government contribution of 17% paid on first $5,000 of individual contributions made each year (you could get max $850 a year for free)
  • Government contributions are tax free
  • Interest earned taxed at 15% (the provider is responsible to pay so they will work out the effective interest for you)
  • Can still claim the First Home Buyers Grant in addition
  • Available through public-offer superannuation providers, life insurers, friendly societies, banks, building societies and credit unions

Potential drawbacks
  • You must contribute at least $1,000 in at least four separate financial years before you can withdraw your funds
  • You must use your fund to purchase or build a new home. The only alternative is to switch the entire amount into your superannuation fund
  • You must live in the home for at least 6 months within the first 12 months of purchase or completion of construction

To find out more about the FHSA, you can also visit the Government’s website.

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