I recently found a web site called Dhammaransi which has been set up by a group of youth Buddhists in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. To tell the truth, I was very impressed with their efforts to share Dhamma books (ebooks), MP3 and videos of famous and leading monks from Burma. I'm so glad that young people are interested in Buddha's dhammas. You will find Dhamma from Mogok, Sitagu (Thitagu), Aung San, Mahasi, Mahargandaryone, Cham Myaet, Ashin Zawana and many Sayadaws in the list. The best news is the list is still growing.

Just check out by yourself here (http://www.dhammaransi.net/). I give my best wishes to every contributor.

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  1. Ko Myo // October 08, 2008 11:54 am  

    Thanks Swan Bros,,,

    I am the webmaster of Dhammaransi Website. Everyone in our gruop is very happy with your comments. I have spent a lot of hours everyday for the website to grow. If someone attain enlightment because of dhamma we have added in the website, we will gain merits.