Chitika Alternate Ad

Posted by Swanie | 2.12.05 | , | 0 comments »

Once-celebrated Chitika is under fire since they have disappointed most publishers with the new audit system. Some bloggers like Ingoal lost 96.28% from the audit. There are many complaints and discussions around too. According to the audit, you won't get paid for the clicks from "invalid countries" such as China and most Asian countries, and for repeated clicks from same IPs.

Fortunately, Chitika introduced "Alternate Ad" similar to Adsense. So visitors from invalid IPs will be presented with "Alternate Ad" you specified (Hopefully). This is the code you need to add to your existing Chitika code. (You can add this from Chitika if you're creating new codes.)

ch_alternate_ad_url = "XXXX";

You can add this line to the code (anywhere after the line with ch_client but before the line with /script). You need to replace the XXXX above with a valid URL like "". The replacement Ad should be same size as the actual Chitika Ad, otherwise it will be cropped out.

But mind you, you cannot use Adsense as your alternate Ad, and this won't help you with clicks from repeated visitors :-(. I'll have to get one for my blog too.

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