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What is your current browser homepage?

A lot of people use MSN as default homepage, which is set by Microsoft when you install Internet Explorer. The users of other browsers might probably be using default homepages most of the time. Or the manufacturers’ sites such as Dell, etc. Is that the most efficient way?

I personally believe there are many downsides with using default homepages. First of all, when you open your browser, your default homepage may not be the page you want to go. You will have to type the address (or choose from Favorites list) for your destination page. It takes time – at least a few seconds of your precious time.

Secondly, it takes a while to download and display your homepage especially if you’re using slow connection or the destination sever is busy. There goes your precious time again every time you open a browser.

Some of you might choose ‘Blank’ homepage to work around. But in that case the “Home” button from your browsers becomes useless as you’ll see only a blank page if you click it.

Why don’t you create a HTML page for your own homepage? You can put a list of all the sites you visit daily there such as news, banks, schools, emails, blogs, etc. You can also categorise the links. All you need is a program like Front Page. You still can use Word if you don’t have Front Page (just save it as Web Page instead of doc). Here are the steps.

  1. Create the list of all the sites you visit daily in Front Page with the links.

  2. Save it to somewhere safe. C:\ will do. Let’s say the file name is myhomepage.html .

  3. Open myhomepage.html and choose Tools > Internet Options > General. Click “Use Current”.

Now you’ll have your own customised homepage that is faster to load and more useful than most of the default homepages.

Let me know how it is.

Note: You can put Wikipedia search box, etc too.

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