Nokia N73 has been around for a few years but many people are still using them. I've used it too and it's one of the best mobile phones I've ever seen. For N73 lovers, I found a nice list of Nokia N73 Games, Applications and Themes. I hope you enjoy it.

Nokia N73 Games:

Darkest Fear II
Splinter Cell double agent
Sky force Reloaded
Asphalt 2 3-d
Brothers in Arms 3-d
Street fighter Alpha
Christmas Midnight
The Sims 2
K rally
Krish Cricket
MV cricket
Black Hawk down
Call of duty 3
A Knights tale…
Dig. chocolate Night club
Chocolate TOWER
Medal of honor
fifa 2007
Brothers in Arms 2-d
Mission Impossible
New York Success
War of the worlds
Street Basket BAll
Prince of Persia warrior within
Mid town madness
TOPGAM Roland Garros
Rally evolution 3-d
Asphalt Urban 3
Beach Ping Pong
Need for Speed carbon
Extreme air snowboarding
Final Fight
Fish labs heli strike
Crime city
Lemonade Tycoon
Metal Slug
True Crime New York city
Crash and Trash
Prince of Persia The 2 thrones
Roger Federers Tennis Open
The Crow
Virtual Tennis
V sun plus
Wimbledon 2006
Super minners

Download N73 Games

Nokia N73 Applications:

Fonts1 (different fonts for N73 or other Series…. and the method to chage it)
SYS explorer
Divx player
Agile messenger both 3.76 and 3.78
Besttaskman with Keygen
Heir beta (Chatting software like agile)
Mobile security-fcym
Nokia SMS Accelerator
N sys Info. ( a complete system info about your fone)
Smart movie player 3.32
Xsound player
Zip manager
gsm magic
Live Msn mobile ed.

Nokia N73 Themes:

N95 theme
Dark Vista
Dreamy Vista
Lonely Eyes
Mac flower
Mac stacy
Spider man
Tokyo drift

Download N73 Applications and Themes

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Today I found Searchles Platform when I was looking for a widget for related posts. As soon as I read about their "related posts" widget or "related content widget", I was hooked.

Searchles PlatformI've been looking for a related posts widget to install in my blog. But I found some javascript widgets only that use labels to look for related posts. Although it may be better than not having anything at all, I am not 100% impressed with the idea of using labels for that. If I want to use it, I will have to stop using generic labels such as "tips". Another downside is I would need some tweaking with the scripts and they may not work well.

On the other hand, Searchles' related posts widget doesn't require any tweaking from my side except choosing colours, sizes, etc. Besides they don't use labels or tags. They determine relevancy by spidering your site's content. It works pretty well as you can see in the picture below. The best thing is you can get stats about visits from related post links.

Related post sample of Swan BrosHere is how they describe the Searchles Discovery Platform.

The Searchles Discovery Platform is the culmination of all the Searchles/ Dumbfind technology that has been building over the years. To kick off the platform we have released a related content widget aimed at blogs and content websites looking to make their sites a bit more sticky. Over the coming months, we will be releasing more widgets to build out a suite of products designed to make your users stay put, and hopefully earn you some money along the way!
I think this is by far the best related posts widget and the easiest to install too. It's good for Blogger, Wordpress, etc and forums too.

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When was the last time you shop around your car insurance (Comprehensive or Compulsory Third Party Personal (CTP) or Third Party Property)? Are you disappointed because the premium was increased a lot compared to last year?

If you have never shopped around or haven't shopped around for at least a few years, chances are you may be paying more (a lot more) than what you should be paying.

Today I decided to do some research about comprehensive car insurances and it was quite an eye-opening experience. The premiums differ a lot between different insurers and some of the "famous" brands did not live up to their fame.

I used the following information for comparing insurance premiums among AAMI, NRMA, ING, GIO, YOUI, Justcar, Allianz, Commbank and Budget Direct. Please note that I did not consider the quality of customer services and repairs, ease of claims, etc in it.

Location: Sydney City, NSW 2000


Age of Driver: 30

Year first licensed:1998

Car Use: Private (including to or from work)

Any other car: No

Any non-standard accessories or fittings: No

Current mileage:100km

Finance: No finance

Purchas price: $22000

Parking: Garaged

Additional driver: No additional driver specified but the option is set to cover any one who drives this car

InsurerAnnual PremiumStandard ExcessExtra Excess for This Driver
Budget Direct$930$600$0
Justcar Insurance$1133$600$700!!
Commonwealth Bank$1206.65$600$0

GIO didn't give me any online quote.

So AAMI offers the best price for this situation, followed by Budget Direct, which has been voted as the best by Cannex Star Ratings across all states. I tried my own situation and Budget Direct gave me the best premium. Justcar doesn't seem to like new cars (at least 2008 TOYOTA COROLLA ASCENT ZRE152R)!!!

My two cents: people should shop around or do research before they buy insurance.

Disclaimer: This is just for educational purpose only. The author is not responsible for any consequences or losses due to actions taken solely based on the examples in this post.

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Whether English is your native language or not, there will be a time you don't know a particular word is but you know the concept. I myself have experienced it so many times and it's very frustrating.

Here is a good "Reverse Dictionary" site called OneLook. You just need to type the concept with a few keywords. Then it will show you a list of possible words you're looking for. For example, let's say you forgot the word for "monkey bars" but you know that it's a bar kids climb in playground. So type something like "kids playground climb bar". Bingo!!! You'll see "Monkey Bars".

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