A few weeks ago, I joined Kontera after reading positive feedback from Randy Brown. In-Text advertising was very new for me too so I thought to give it a go. It was quite easy to join although Kontera used to be available to only the sites with minimum 500,000 page views per month. I thought I was quite lucky to be able to join with small traffic.

It was easy to set up too. I just had to copy and paste the script in my template and Kontera did the rest. Within 24 hrs, I could see the in-text links showed up with double lines underneath. I was really happy... at least for a while.

After a few days later I checked the results. They are nowhere near what Adsense or Chitika offers. It's a tiny bit more than 1 cent a click. Considering the visitors "lost" to the ad sites, it's not worth running at all. So I removed the Kontera after two weeks. You might say it's too early to quit.

Kontera worked well for Rany Brown and John Chow and they recommend it a lot. However, Kontera didn't impress me at all. So bye bye, Kontera!!!

What's your experience with Kontera? Please let me know.

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