When I posted this 18 year old Mayor on 11 Nov, I just did it because when I watched David Letterman's show, it was funny and interesting. But I didn't receive significant response until today. It is not that I've been obsessed with my site traffic (still not much compared to some great posts from a lot of bloggers), but when my work is successful to a certain extent, it pleases me.

This morning I checked my statcounter and was quite surprised to see I've received a lot of hits and it's still going. All of them came from Google, Yahoo and MSN. It's great to know that your favourite post interests other people too. Thanks all!!!

Here is the graph of unique visitors for Nov.

Swan Bros Stat

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  1. Wai Pyo // November 23, 2005 10:50 pm  

    Cool, bro. I should have blogged abt that, too. :D