Finally long awaited Xbox 360 is out now (released on 22nd Nov 2005) with all the greatnesses a game console could bring. The console is backward-compatible with all previous Xbox games, so you don't need to throw your favourite games. Xbox live is even better with the new generation console. Xbox Live Silver, available to anyone with an Xbox 360 or Xbox 360 Core System console, a hard drive or a memory unit, and a broadband connection, provides many free features, including messaging and downloads. The second level of service—Xbox Live Gold, with the option to play multiplayer games online—costs the same as your original Xbox Live subscription.

There have been long lines outside the stores for people looking to buy an Xbox 360. Because of its limited supply, it may disappoint some serious gamers too. Big American retailers, including Best Buy and Target , reported running out of the new console at most stores following its North American debut on Tuesday. As a result, many new owners are selling Xbox 360 on eBay for almost twice the retail price.

By midday Wednesday, nearly 7,700 Xbox 360s had sold on eBay at an average price of $US786 ($1065) , a spokeswoman for eBay said. The basic unit retails for $US300. A premium package that includes accessories and a hard-drive that allows gamers to play existing Xbox titles costs $US400. (Reuters)

Xbox 360 Console
Here are some of the Greatness Xbox 360 brings.

CPU 3.2GHz x 3
ATI Graphics Porcessor 500MHz
High Definition 720p, 1080i
Hard Drive (detachable) 20GB
48 parallel shader pipelines
USB x 3
Wireless Controller

I am sure Xbox 360 the greatest game console so far and many gamers will be satisfied with it. If you could grab a console for retail price before Christmas, I would suggest not to hesitate. You might be able to make money by selling it on ebay!!!

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