Car Buying Tips

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Here is a good story of Chandler Phillips, a journalist, who went undercover as a car salesman. He learnt all the tricks & traps in the industry, and explained about the people he met: good & bad salesmen/saleswomen. He gave very good recommendations and presented in such a way that it's enjoyablee to read.

Buying a car is not an easy task, especially in these days when the price of a brand new car drops as much as 30% once it leaves the dealer. So here is the summary of his recommendations.

1. Use the Internet
2. Don't be in a hurry
3. Walk away from any deal/salesperson you don't like
4. Know the numbers
5. Shop around
6. The deal's not done until you drive off in your new car
7. Always remember that it's your money

Please visit Edmunds Site for the full story. I hope it helps you when you buy a car next time.

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