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I have always been a fan of Chitika eMiniMalls and now that they have updated it for channel reporting and other great changes, I welcome the new Chitika with full support. But we need to use all of the features efficiently to reap all the benefits it offers. Here are some of the tips and tricks I use with Chitika and I hope they will be useful for you too whether you are blogging just for fun or money. But who wouldn’t love it if they can earn some money while you’re blogging for your enjoyment?

If you are not familiar with Chitika and don’t know what it is, it’s some kind of advertising to your visitors on your blog. You earn some money when the visitors click on the ads. Just a click isn’t worth a lot but if you receive a lot of traffic, it may be something for you. Click Here if you want to open an account with Chitika eMiniMalls.

1. Using Chitika and Google Adsense Together

Although Chitika can be contextual or non-contextual depending on your choice, Adsense can only be contextual meaning that Adsense ads will be something related to the contents of your blog. Google doesn’t allow any other contextual ads to be placed on the same page as Adsense. So if you want to use Chitika and Adsense together, you need to make Chitika non-contextual.

Here is how to do use Chitika and Adsense together
ch_non_contextual = 1;

Place this line inside the Chitika code before the “mm.js” line. ‘1’ means non-contextual and ‘0’ is contextual.

2. Changing colours of Text, Background and Border Colours

This can be done from Chitika code configuration page. It’s highly recommended that you use it. Many bloggers believe borderless ad with white background is the most effective one if your site’s background is white. Try to make it look like it’s a part of your blog instead of an ad. Make the text and title same format as the way you did in the content. You’ll be more successful.

This is how to change formats for Chitika Text & Title

ch_font_text = “Arial Narrow, Comic Sans MS”;
ch_font_title = “Arial, Verdana”;

Place those codes in the Chitika code to change the format and change the font types to whatever is suitable for you. The second type is selected when the first is not available. So it’s good to have a back up type.

3. Choosing Products/Keywords to show up in Chitika

There are so many categories to choose in Chitika eMiniMalls(click here for complete categories). By choosing the right products to show up to your readers will get you far. Choose something related to your blog if possible. After that, choose something which is hot in the market and might look appealing to your audience.

Rotating keywords and using a new set after some time is a good idea too to avoid from ad-blindness.

4. What if you want Chitika Contextual Ads?

Sometimes, you should use contextual Chitika rather than non-contextual (assuming that you’re not using Adsense at all in your blog). You don’t want to advertise Canon products when your particular post is about Sony. If audience sees the relevant ad just after or while they read about a product, they will be more likely to click on the ad, especially when they become hooked after reading.

Here is how to place a product related to the title in Chitika

var ch_queries = new Array( “ipod”, “xbox);
var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length));
ch_query = ch_queries[ch_selected];


ch_query = ‘<$MTEntryTitle$>‘; (if you’re using MT)
ch_query = ‘<?php the_title();?>’; (if you’re using WordPress)
ch_query = "<$BlogItemTitle$>"; (for Blogger)

Visit my demo site for some examples. Note you do not need to worry about inserting ch_non_contextual = 1; in this case, although it won’t make any difference even if you do.

5. About Chitika tabs
Before, people used to worry about using Chitika search tab and Google search on the same page. But Google has clarified that it’s totally fine. If you do not want to include the Chitika search tab, you can include ch_nosearch = 1 ; in the codes, alternately you can select it from the Chitika configuration page when you generate the code.

By default, the default tab of Chitika is “Description”. You can change it to “Best Deals”, “Search” or “Reviews” too.

Here is how to customise Chitika tabs
(Note: Use only one & use the exact case that appear on Chitika)

ch_default_tab = “Best Deals”; (note “Best Deals” not just “Deals”)

ch_default_tab = “Search”;

ch_default_tab = “Descriptions”;

ch_default_tab = “Reviews”; (it may not work if there is no review for the product)

(note if you use different case, there will be a duplicate of the tab)

6. Channel Reporting

Now you can see which Chitika ad is performing better than the other by using channels.

Here is how to set channel reporting.

ch_sid = ‘xxxx’;

Replace xxxx with a short description you want and insert it in the Chitika Ad code. (eg. 'Sidebar at main page'. Thus you can check the stats for that channel in Chitika report.

7. Chitika Alternate Ad

As I posted about Chitika's Audit, you will not get paid for clicks from invalid countries such as China & many Asian countries, etc. So for visitors from invalid IPs, you might be better off to replace Chitika with different ads that will probably pay you.

Here is how to alternate ad with Chitika

If you're creating new Chitika codes, you can set the alternate ad at Chitika. For your existing eMiniMalls, you can add the following line to the code (anywhere after the line with ch_client but before the line with /script). You need to replace the XXXX with a valid URL like "".

ch_alternate_ad_url = "XXXX";

The replacement Ad should be same size as the actual Chitika Ad, otherwise it will be cropped out.

8. Use the helping hands of your affiliate

You can recommend others to join Chitika if they haven't. When they join and start earning, you'll receive 10% of what your affiliates earn in the next 12 months, without taking a cent from what your affilliates earn. It may not be a lot but I'm sure most people will be happy to be your affiliates if you introduced them to Chitika and give suggestions, especially when they won't lose a cent from their shares regardless of whether they are your affiliates or not. It's just a matter of helping each other.

Happy blogging!!!

Note: URLs to Chitika in this post are affiliate links. If you sign up by using those links, and I'll be rewarded with some commission. However, you will not lose a cent from what you should earn at all. It's paid by Chitika for advertising Chitika eMiniMalls.

Ref: ChitikaTips & Problogger

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  1. Wai Pyo // December 14, 2005 4:35 am  

    bro...this post is a real treasure!

  2. Seth // April 09, 2007 10:46 am  

    Wow, excellent tips! Thanks!

    Chitika works great for me! On some days I earn twice as much with Chitika as I do with AdSense. You can read this Chitika review for more info.

    Has anyone else had success with Chitika?

  3. shane111 // March 01, 2008 8:19 pm  

    Hey thanx man. I was just gonna messed up using adsense and chitika together in the wrong way. U saved me. thanx.

  4. Sianne // March 15, 2008 8:21 am  

    Thanks for sharing it. But it still doesn’t work for me. I have done these steps:
    1. Put this code : ch_query = "<$BlogItemTitle$>"; --> the template couldn’t be parsed
    2. Revised the code become : ch_query = "<$BlogItemTitle$>"; --> the template could be parsed well
    3. The ads appeared, but it didn’t targeted, I viewed the html code then I found this code : ch_query = "<$BlogItemTitle$>";

    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Sianne // March 15, 2008 8:24 am  

    Ops... It seems the xml code parsed become html code for the point no 2. I guess you know what I mean. :)