Bugs that won't take no

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We human beings are often accused of playing odd games of love, but new research suggests insects are far more creepy when it comes to sex.

A study by the Australian Museum has uncovered a rare mating practice, known as traumatic insemination, in distantly related insect speices. TI is a practice involving male hypodermic genitalia piercing and ejaculating into the female body cavity, rather than the female genital tract. University of Sydney scientist Nikolai Tatarnic, who is researching the topic said "It's basically a strategy for the males to get past female resistance to mating. So instead of using the normal route, they stab them in the side of the body and the sperm travel through the bloodstream to the eggs".

The practice was found in plant bugs as well as genus cordromius (miridae), a tiny bug measuring 2-4 mm in length which can be found on Sydney waterside plants. The scientist said that to look at the insects are rather boring until you start looking at their naughty bits.

So humans taught these bugs or they taught humans such game of sex??

(source mx wednesday nov 2, 2005)

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