If you have been blogging with Blogger for a while, you might have noticed that Blogger automatically names "yourpost.html" from post title, and so it is not so flexible and you have no control over the file name you want. It omits common words like "a/an/the" and it concatenates the first 6 or 7 words separating each word with hyphen. So sometimes good keywords may be missed out. If you change the title, the file name changes too.

But according to some SEO tips, it's better to have keywords in both titles and filenames too. If that is true, for example in my 18yr old Mayor post, the file name won't be favoured by SE's. Wouldn't it be great if we could remove unnecessary words such as "a/an/the/for/but" etc and include more relevant keywords while leaving the title more meaningful as well as keywords-oriented? A little bit of SE ranking will surely make a difference in your blog popularity.

Thanks to Amit Agarwal's Hack and w.bloggar, I have more control over the file name and title now. The beauty of w.bloggar is it updates the title without touching the filenames. So you can change titles without worrying about having broken links with SE's or other people who linked you previously.

Here are the complete steps for the hack.

1. Compose your Blogger article with a title containing all the keywords (6 is the limit) and in the right order (e.g. X1 Yahoo Desktop Search)

2. Publish your post on Blogger.

3. Now open the post in w.bloggar, an offline blog editing tool, and change the page title to something more meaningful (e.g. Yahoo! Desktop Search getting closer to X1)

4. Click "Post & Publish". Congratulations! Your permalink filename is what you want it to be and no longer defined by Blogger.

I love w.bloggar!!! You can see that the title of this post and filename are different.

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